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Douglas County has upgraded from their IQM2 meeting management software to the Peak. To learn more about this new agenda software change click here.

Agendas & Minutes

Meetings and agendas are posted in the Agenda and Meeting Portal three (3) days prior to the scheduled meeting. An Action Summary is posted the day after the scheduled meeting, and meeting minutes are posted upon approval.

Meeting materials prior to 2022 will still be available on the previous Agenda and Meeting Portal here.

Meeting List

A quorum of the Douglas County Commissioners and the Douglas County Planning Commissioners may be in attendance at any of the following meetings during the month.  At these meetings the Douglas County Commissioners and Planning Commissioners that are in attendance are there merely to observe the proceedings of that organization.  The Douglas County Commissioners or the Planning Commissioners present at the meetings will not be deliberating or taking action on matters over which they have jurisdiction and control.  This list does not include social functions which the County Commissioners or Planning Commissioners may be attending as social functions and are exempt from Nevada’s Open Meeting Law.

2022 Appointments of Commissioners List

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