Lost & Found Pets

Have you lost your pet?

Douglas County Animal Services only impounds stray dogs. The shelter will hold onto a stray dog for a minimum of 5 days for a possible owner to claim it. After the holding period has ended, the dog will be placed for adoption. If you have lost your pet, you may file a lost pet report.

Steps you should take to find your pet:

  • Talk to your neighbors and post signs
  • Look for your pet in your neighborhood and surrounding areas
  • Call or come into the shelter every day to check for your pet

How to prevent your pet from getting lost:

  • Spay or neuter your pets as soon as possible. Both male and female pets that are not spayed or neutered are much more likely to go looking for companionship and produce unwanted litters.
  • Many dogs do not like the sound of thunder or fireworks, so please keep all dogs indoors during thunderstorms and on the Fourth of July.
  • Keep your dogs in a fenced yard or in the house when left unattended. Do not allow your dog roam freely.

Have you found a lost pet?
Keep in mind that Douglas County Animal Services only impounds stray dogs, although you may file a found pet report for any other domestic animal. You may bring a found dog to the shelter during business hours.

If you found a dog:

  • Talk to neighbors and post signs
  • If you can keep the dog temporarily, call the Animal Shelter at 775-782-9061, or you may file a found pet report.
  • If you bring in a dog, please provide information about where and when it was found. We do not accept out of county dogs.
  • If you have found a stray dog and cannot bring it to the shelter, contact Douglas County Dispatch at 775-782-5126 and an Animal Services Officer will pick it up during business hours.

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