Homemaker Program

Douglas County Senior Services Homemaker Program

The Homemaker Program is provided to individuals, under the age of 60 with a physical disability or age 60 and older, who are unable to perform some or all of their desired homemaker services, due to identified functional limitations, and because they are in need of a support system to provide essential homemaker services.  

Suggested donation of $4 per hour is appreciated. 

Personal Care

  • Accompanying and/or providing transportation for the client to attend medical appointments or treatments.
  • Providing grief support.
  • Assisting in reality orientation/awareness.


  • Preparing food, assisting with meal planning, grocery shopping, labeling and organizing food.
  • Accompanying or transporting client to a nutrition site.

Social / Recreation

  • Providing companionship, such as talking, listening, cheering up, playing games or cards, etc.
  • Fostering client contact with family and friends. (when feasible)
  • Accompanying or transporting client to a recreational or social event.

Home Management

  • Shopping for client and/or providing transportation to shop and run errands.
  • Writing letters, reading, filling out forms.
  • Doing Light Housekeeping.

Information & Advocacy

  • Providing information about community services.
  • Helping clients receive a needed service such as Food Stamps, SSI, Medicaid, etc.
  • Bringing unmet needs to the attention of supervisory staff and other care providers.

Respite Care

  • Providing supervision of home bound clients to relieve primary caregivers.

If you are interested in the Homemaker Program, please call Douglas County Senior Services at (775) 782-5500 ext. 8 or email [email protected] for more information.