Exemptions Available to Individual Taxpayers

The State of Nevada offers partial tax exemptions to widows, widowers, veterans, disabled veterans, and blind persons who meet certain requirements. These exemptions can be applied to real or personal property taxes or the vehicle government services (privilege) tax. The dollar exemption will vary depending on the taxing district.

Special Exclusions
Special exclusions are also provided for residential construction to remove certain barriers for disabled persons.

When to Apply for an Exemption
An application to use an exemption on secured (real) property must be made on or before June 15 for the following fiscal tax year. An application to use an exemption on unsecured (personal) property or motor vehicle may be made any time on or before the date the taxes are due.

Please Note
    - All exemptions require a six-month residency, which must be documented.
    - Veterans may request that the value of their exemption be deposited in the state veteran's home fund.

Contact our office by email or by phone at (775) 782-9830 to determine any specific qualifications and obtain the form(s) necessary to apply for the exemption(s).