The Douglas County Board of Commissioners desires to begin their meetings with an invocation. The Commissioners believe that an invocation would be a nice reflection of our wonderfully diverse community and would help to solemnize the public meeting, express confidence in the future and encourage recognition of what is worthy of appreciation in Douglas County.


If you are a presiding official of a religious or civic organization that serves the residents of Douglas County, we would like to extend an invitation to you to give an invocation at the start of a regular Board of Commissioners meeting.  These regularly scheduled meetings occur on the first and third Thursday of the month at the Old Courthouse in Minden at 10:00 AM.


Here are the guidelines for the invocation: 

  • The invocation need not be religious in form, but rather it can be a thought, reading or moment of silence.
  • No person at the meeting shall be required to participate in the invocation proceeding and the invocation speakers must not ask members of the Board or audience to stand, bow their head, or take other such actions.
  • The invocation should be positive and uplifting and respectful of the diverse religious and spiritual makeup of the community and meeting audience.
  • The invocation speakers must refrain from proselytizing or disparaging others and shall strive to be nondenominational and secular in nature.
  • The invocation or message shall not address any particular items on the agenda or anyone by name or by inference.
  • The invocation speaker shall not solicit membership or donations to the church or civic organization.
  • The invocation shall last no longer than three minutes.
  • There will be no compensation or other assistance provided to the invocation speakers.


If you are interested in giving an invocation at a Board of County Commissioners meeting, please complete the Invocation Interest Form and return it to the County Manager’s Office at your earliest convenience by emailing the completed form to [email protected] or dropping it off in person at 1594 Esmeralda Avenue, Minden, Nevada.


Religious or civic organizations will be scheduled for invocations in the order that they are received based on their availability. 


Guidelines and Procedures