Request For Proposals For Grant Writing Services

RFP FOR Grant Writing Services

Posted on: 2023/02/13


Douglas County, Nevada (“the County”) invites qualified firms/consultants (“Offerors”) to submit sealed proposals for on-call professional grant writing services. The services are more specifically described in the “Scope of Work” section of this document. Civic Initiatives, a public procurement firm, will be assisting the County with the coordination of the procurement process.

1. Douglas County RFP for Grant Writing Services.pdf

2. Douglas County RFP for Grant Writing Services - Offeror Cost Proposal Form.xlsx

3. Grant Writing RFP Q&A


Hiren Desai
Senior Procurement Process Consultant
Civic Initiatives
[email protected]
512-523-4834 Ext 526


On or before 2PM PST of March 13, 2023



Deadline Date