Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers needed

Douglas County offers numerous team sports opportunities for children in grades 1-12.  We are 100% reliant on community volunteers to coach these teams.  Thousands of children participate in our programs throughout the year, and the number of children who partake is directly related to the number of energetic contributing parental volunteers who chose to lead these teams. 

Volunteers are the cornerstone of our youth programs and securing coaches in advance of a season is of great necessity when organizing a league.  The process is simple but thorough.  An application and a background check is required of all head coaches and their assistants prior to the season.  Volunteer application must be renewed each 6 months.  See instructions and related coaching applications attached to this page. 

Once these administrative obligations have been fulfilled, the Recreation Coordinator will be in communication with you to provide all pertinent information regarding team selection, practice schedules, game schedules and uniforms.